1. What is the height of misery?
  2. Where would like to live?
    I would like to live in a temperate region. In France, why not in Paris if it was located in the South, by the sea.
  3. What is your idea of happiness on earth?
    This is abstract. It deals with emptying, something close to God.
  4. What are the faults you indulge?
    I’m indulgent for non premeditated faults.
  5. Which book characters do you  prefer?
    None in particular, when I was young I loved D’Artagnan, maybe it still.
  6. Which historical character do you prefer ?
    At the moment, the Dalai-Lama.
  7. Who are you heroines in real life ?
    My wife I think.
  8. And your fictional heroine ?
    The Muse, that is, all women, an inspiration for the artist. But that is a traditional side that remains for all artists.
  9. Who is your favourite writer?
    I don’t have a favourite.
  10. And your favourite painter ?
    Many… One day it can be Fernand Léger, next day it can Picasso, or Miro. I think it’s quite simplistic to have  favourites. Sometimes, one prefers certain people rather than others. Among modern painters, I like Gérard Garouste, Christian Boltanski, Richard Long, Ladislas Kijno.
  11. And your favourite musician?
    All black singers, classical music with voices, the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, Phil Spector, John Lennon, Charles Trenet, … and many others …
  12. Your favourite quality in human beings?
  13. And your favourite virtue?
  14. Your main fault?
    I interrupt people talking.
  15. Your favorite hobby?
    Painting and listening.
  16. Who would you have liked to be ?
    Actually, apart from myself, I don’t know who else I could have been.
  17. What is the best advice you were given ?
    I was told to stop messing around.
  18. What do you hate above all ?
    Above all, I hate conflict..
  19. What is the reform you like best?
    I’d like the income tax to be stopped.
  20. How do you feel at the moment ?
    So so. I am never serene, but I stay positive, optimistic. I always feel so so. Regarding my profession, I am still well established. You can find optimism in my painting, even if the world is in a mess. Indeed, I don’t think about it every day, but my painting reflects it. In reality, people think I am worried, if not paranoid.
  21. What is your motto ?
    My motto: find a way to evolve, and continue to learn. That’s power. I already have the power to study and to have an occupation that allows me to do so.

Robert Combas, 2003